Liquidity for Issuing Companies

Liquidity for issuing Companies

High quality employees and Financial / Strategic investors are crucial to spur the high speed growth of unlisted growth stage companies. Companies spend large amounts of money to attract and retain top talent and to align employee and company objectives. Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) is very powerful tool do so. However, without timely and adequate liquidity, ESOPs may lose its attractiveness in the minds of the employees and hence defeat the purpose of ESOPs. Early stage investors who may have achieved their investment objectives or are nearing the investment time horizon, look for a liquidity event and may push the company to go public prematurely. Both these important types of shareholders will have greater confidence if the company provides them smooth exit at fair value. provides customised engagement models with companies to address the above needs. Such engagement has several benefits to the company.

  • The company can plan its public offering without liquidity pressures from financial investors.
  • Arms length price discovery reduces cost and increases reliability.
  • Improves visibility of the company thereby attracting stronger investors.
  • Higher liquidity. Hence no buy-back pressures on the company.
  • Cost effective recruitment and retention of top quality talent.
  • Easier administration.
  • Better, easier and cost effective communication with shareholders and investors.
  • Fast and smooth transactions.